Last Monday the LCA Lab Coat Agents hosted again one of their one-day events. The event was held in one of the suburbs of Detroit- Novi, Michigan, which is considered one of the most boring cities in the United States, according to Urban Dictionary. However, this was far from boring. The event was just a powerhouse!

The conference started out with Nick and Tristan, when they opened the stage and talked about what they do for their business to implement the best strategies to generate more leads, close more deals and fold by the series of speakers – Gabe Cordova, Saria Finkelstein, Travis Thom, Keri Shull and more.

Keri Shull talked about her meeting with Gary Vee. How she actually met him up and what strategies she implemented. One of the biggest takeaways from Keri’s keynote was that you have to become a digital mayor of your town. You have to be in front of people. Don’t chase sellers and buyers, but you have to compete with the media outlets. You have to be known as the guy or girl to go to for real estate needs. Media outlets such as TV, radio, newspaper – that’s who you’re competing with, not other agents in your market. And I think that’s actually the best strategy, where you don’t chase buyers and sellers, you’re attracting buyers and sellers because they know who you are.

Cheri Benjamin was another rockstar on stage who talked about her team, how she generates leads and how she’s converting them into deals! Great energy and natural charisma.

Long Doan and Mike Bernier discussed how to be a CEO, how to delegate and what you need to do to delegate. That’s actually what money-making activities you should be engaging in. And the main takeaway that you are the CEO of your own business. If you’re not operating as if you are a CEO, you’re not going to win. You’ve got to think of yourself as the business. You got to run your business as the business – that’s Long and Mike’s major takeaways.

And, of course, Gabe Cordova who spoke about how his team closed 800 deals in a year and what kind of follow-up systems they developed. That was another interesting keynote. As usual, Gabe was full of tips, full of advice and offered massive value to agents with his amazing CRM -Firepoint!

Saria Finkelstein spoke about making a million dollars as a buyer’s agent without actually showing any houses. She developed a very interesting compensation model for showing agents which allows her to scale so much. This is how to be a buyer’s agents, make a million dollars and not actually show houses.

Travis Thom, the Facebook marketing guru, talked about Facebook, how to generate leads with Facebook. He spoke about his journey from a broke real estate agent to a marketer and coach for Facebook leads ads, how he’s handling that. So this was a very interesting keynote from Travis and we really enjoyed it.

LCA One is one of the one-day events that’s actually filled with so much of value for agents, so much advice, tips. And the price of the ticket was only 49 dollars! The day was definitely well spent. Lab Coat agents provided lunch, very interesting environments and launch masterminds. Nick & Tristan and their beautiful wives were the stars of the event.

This is where you are not the smartest person in the room. You are rubbing shoulders with people who are more successful than you are, more knowledgeable than you are. You definitely deemed to walk away with some valuable information. If you’re considering to attend LCA1, you should do that. The biggest event that they have is in the summer – it’s Lab Coat Agent’s Live – a 3 days event, which was hosted in San Diego this year and I heard next year is going to be in Los Angeles.

HighVirtudesk was also there. I spoke with people about the virtual assistants and the speech delivered by Long and Mike actually reiterated the idea that it’s best to leverage yourself by hiring out and why Virtudesk is the company that will help you along the way. You have to delegate small tasks so that you can actually concentrate on money-making activities.

If you haven’t attended LCA 1 yet, you should consider doing so.


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