Traveling and running a business at the same time seems like a classy lifestyle, but it comes with certain challenges, especially in managing employees.
⠀I’m traveling a lot. Usually, it’s about 80 flights throughout the year. The reason is that people who work at my companies are located on 3 different continents and some meetings must be done in person once in a while. Besides international trips, I must attend several expos and conventions during the year to promote our companies. Considering my tight schedule and frequent absences from the office,  It took me a while to build up the right strategy to make my business work, while I am away.
⠀It is really important to have a strong team that you can rely on. When I started  Virtudesk, I wanted to have a great team of professionals who will be able to work while I’m away. So if you ask me “How to hire the right people?”, here is the answer.
⠀First of all, you got to have a good recruiting team who will source the potential applicants, screen them and also make sure that all candidates who are going to apply to work for you would actually fit the requirements that you outline. A good recruiting team will know what qualities each candidate has and whether these qualities can be a good fit for your culture.
⠀Second, you need to have a good job description of what the candidate is going to do specifically.
Make sure you have a written outline of tasks that need to be done for the specific position so that there is a certain process in place. So whenever you hire and you have a new person, that person would be able to be quickly on-boarded and become a productive and reliable employee.
⠀Third, you need to attract the right people with the right culture that you have.
The right culture doesn’t necessarily mean ping pong table, or free beer and free coffee, but the actual right culture meaning – the open door policy that people who are working would actually feel that they are part of something. And at the same time, they can come to you or interact with other people in the office or outside of it.
⠀Forth, in order to hire the right people, you need to make sure that everybody has proper expectations of what needs to be done and how it should be done. And the apprehension of deadlines should be clearly defined. Employees should know that you value their time and they will become to value yours.
⠀Five. Make sure you hire a team person. The person got to be able to work in your team specifically. I’m travelling a lot and I’m not in the office, so I don’t see my team face to face. However, we have very clear means of communications through the What’s up, Messenger, Instagram, anything. That’s where you can collaborate on tasks. We have a Trello open all the time. I have it on my laptop and the team is collaborating on other tasks. And we share files and ideas. At the same time make sure that the person you are hiring is able not only to run solo if necessary, but also to be able to come for answers, not only to you if you’re not available, but to other people in the team. So it’s a collaboration and make sure that everybody’s doing the task they are assigned to. However, at the same time, they can step in if anybody is falling out.
⠀To summarize this, your team should be able to run autonomously from you so that you can safely step out for a day, week, month and your company won’t fall apart, but will be run effectively and smoothly.
⠀Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. Steve Jobs