Ideas have always come out of that curiosity. Curiosity is one of the key driving forces behind creativity, innovation, and invention. When you are curious about the world around you, you see things other people miss. The best idea for everyone is the problem he is facing during his life journey. You see the problem. You find the solution.

So, being a non-tech guy, I reached out to my two childhood friends who are working in IT sector and pitched the idea of Tymbl. We first started with a referral exchange model, but quickly realized, based on the user feedback, that the most tedious problem that agents have is actually qualifying online leads. Some have thousands of them. First, it was human-powered technology, but in a while, we decided to develop an intelligent machine, which will qualify all the leads and make all the business processes much easier.

Once you have thousands of leads, you need some sort of a system to calculate propensity. Which means to figure out who is more likely to engage and who is going to be a waste of time. In order to do that, we brought a team of statisticians who determined key factors based on which a lead is likely to speak with an agent, and the system will allow to mark these leads as prime leads and they will be the first to contact. That a revolutionary technology that enables teams and brokerages to save time and increase productivity.