As you know guys, I’m traveling a lot. A third of my travels are Real Estate Industry conferences and expos. And actually, I think, this is one of the really important parts of growing your business and here is why:

  • You never know who you might meet. The more events you attend, the more you expand your network
  • In some ways, it helps you to become an expert. The more people know you, the more you can be seen as an expert
  • Personal connections are really powerful in our digital world

This month I’m attending 2 events – The Real Talk Conference in Miami (October 10-11) and New York Real Estate Expo (October 24). 

The Real Talk Conference was made by hardworking and successful entrepreneurs, who will take you from Mindset to Social Media Ads, from foundation work to lead generation and most importantly sales! Virtudesk is supporting this amazing event. And if you are considering to attend this conference in Miami, hit me up! I will save you 20% on the ticket price. 

New York Real Estate Expo is one of the most famous and oldest expos in the industry. The event will bring together top commercial and residential real estate professionals for a day of networking, panel discussions and exhibiting. And this year I’m going to be a speaker of the Technology Panel with other Innovative Leaders in Information Technology.

Attending industry events is a part of my business growth strategy. The more I grow my network, the more I am in the right place at the right time for opportunities.