During the recent years, there was a surge of Virtual Real Estate Brokerage business models that have become really popular in a short time due to flexibility of working from home, or from anywhere in the world for that matter. Technology and automation are used to speed up processes and the need for brick and mortar has gone away as fast as the speed of your internet. 

They’re created to provide everything their agents need, from admin support and marketing resources to training, while passing on the savings in the form of higher splits. Simply, they reduce costs and increase speed of production. 

How do virtual or cloud based brokerages work? While the brokerage is virtual, it’s still run by humans and you still have a designated or managing broker. A human presence is necessary for approving all the documents and ensuring that each transaction happens legally and seamlessly. However, a cloud based platform used by a virtual real estate brokerage makes the process much easier and efficient. 

I’ve been in the Real Estate Industry for the past 10 years and have seen different types of brokerage models. When I was starting Nexus Realty I wanted to make sure that my agents will get everything they need for the best price, because I am an agent myself, so I understand how important it is – to cut the fat, but not the muscle. 

Whether you just got a Real Estate License or have been in the industry for a while, we are all facing a difficult decision at some point – which brokerage to choose. 

So don’t look at what model is “best” because there’s no such thing. No model is superior to another. Look at yourself and what you need. The “best” model will be the one that allows you to succeed. Each model fits and suits a different type of person. We all have different goals, experiences, and are in different places in our careers. You have to choose a brokerage that best fits your needs. 

Take the time to consider your options and make sure you understand the type of brokerage you’ll be working with. A virtual real estate brokerage may be the right choice if you prefer flexibility, speed, and you like the idea of keeping 100% of your commissions.

Why Agents Love the Virtual Brokerage Model?

  • Huge Cost Savings 
  • Mobility Freedom
  • Fewer Mandatory Meetings at the office or not at all. 
  • All-in-one transaction management system
  • Direct deposit of the commission upon closing

As long as there is a mobile phone and an internet connection, you can work on a deal from anywhere in the world.

Being mobile-first and having technology empower you to provide better and faster service with fewer chances for things to go wrong in the transaction, allowing your broker to review documents and solve problems faster than with traditional model brokerages.

Our Innovative Brokerage model is offering you 100% commission and total independence – you can run and operate your business entirely online, which is really important at these times. No Junk Fees, Online Transactions, E&O Included, 24/7 Broker Support, and the best part – 100% commission. We will also offer you KVcore personal website and CRM, so you can lift up your business and will give you one month for free! Last but not least, we are waiving your monthly fee for the first 60 days! 



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