I’ve started Virtudesk back in 2016 to help agents scale their businesses, get more leads and appointments and free up their time. We provide virtual assistants, based in the Philippines, to Realtors to help them with admin tasks, marketing and prospecting.
Virtudesk is becoming a leader in real estate virtual assistants world. Over 2 and a half years we have served more than 500 customers and continue to bring value to the real estate industry.
I’m incredibly proud to release our new product for our customers. Virtudesk CRM is here! It’s made especially for real estate agents. So if you don’t have a good CRM or your CRM costs you more than $40/month, take a look at what we can offer. If you hire a virtual assistant from us, your VA can work on this CRM and automate your flows, marketing, touches, etc!
Also, we have more cool stuff coming! We have a new feature on Virtudesk platform. Now you can use a complete business solution – Virtudesk PRO. It has everything you need to run your company smoothly.
If you’re ready to elevate your business, schedule a demo call today!