In this day and age, different things and different people are involved in composing and selling music. It has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry where singles, and even full-length albums, become readily available for purchase through online music platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. With this being said, I called up an old friend, who’s been making a name for himself as a rapper in the Seattle area, and invited him to be the featured guest of the next episode of Hundred Hustle.

What is Hundred Hustle you might ask? Hundred Hustle is a new program I created under my YouTube channel that headlines entrepreneurs. Instead of discussing home selling tips or market updates, I will be engaging with these business people to talk about them and their companies.

Rap Hustler Nikita Lisiy, also known as Cool Russian, was only 13 years old when he was introduced to 2Pac and his music. As his passion for the rap genre intensified, he begun to produce and perform his own songs. He also worked with numerous artists, who shared his passion and enthusiasm for music. He became quite popular with the Russian and Ukrainian community within the state. After some time, he was able to bring together a steady and loyal fan base all the way down to Tacoma.

For Nikita, a “Rap Hustle” varies depending on the level the artist is on at the time. It could be handing out track CDs to the right people, or conducting performances at local pubs. It could also mean shooting music videos as a means to market yourself, designing a clothing line that reflects your genre, or living large like Snoop Dogg. He describes a REAL RAPPER to be self-made and original. You have to work your way up! It’s alright to draw inspiration from other artists; but it’s imperative not to be a copycat – create your own style, make your own music.

Nikita expressed his respect by giving a heartfelt shout out to the originators of Russian rap music. He shared his incredible experience meeting Kasta at a concert, where he was so enthralled with the musicians that he got in line twice just to be able to talk to them again. He mentioned being inspired by Bad Balance as well.

I figured things were about to get personal when I asked him to name rappers he disliked, or thought to be “flaky”; however, he refused to name drop at all. This just shows his humility and maturity as an artist.

In addition to the Russian rap groups, Nikita got excited talking about having the chance to meet a few famous rappers in the United States. Thanks to an encounter with a psychic staff in Home Depot, he was more than prepared to meet up with Snoop Dogg when the American rapper was in town. He exchanged pleasantries with The Game too, and accidentally ran into Macklemore at a park during a friend’s wedding before he broke out as an artist.

Since I was curious about what BRC (Black and Russian Connection) does, Nikita eagerly explained to me that it’s a movement wherein African-American and fellow Russians are united to freely rap and hustle together. Their colors, black and red, also represent the integrated races respectively.

One brick wall he stumbled upon as a rapper was financing his music. The reality of pursuing a dream requires money – a lot of it! Therefore, he has two important advises for those looking into following his footsteps. First, determine a clear goal. Know what you want to do, and figure out a way on how to do it. Second, get organized. Assess your financial situation, and set up a budget that will last until the end of your project.

It’s finally time for Blunt Blitz! This is a segment wherein I will be asking a series of questions that have to be answered instantaneously. Nikita Lisiy did just that – giving honest and straightforward answers every single time.

Q: “Do you have a gun?”

A: “Yes.”

Q: “Weeds. Yes or no?”

A: “Yes.”

Q: “Did you ever break the law?”

A: “Of course.”

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