Imagine an open concept floor plan with an elegant wall-mounted fireplace and contemporary light fixtures in the living area, Miele appliances and marble countertops in the kitchen, floor to ceiling windows all around, and an expansive bathroom with a cutting-edge shower head and bathtub. There’s even a Jacuzzi on the rooftop deck! Now, put all these in a private and upscale neighborhood – and you’ll get a modern, luxurious home through and through.

Perhaps this newly constructed house in Kirkland, or this one from Bellevue could better help you picture the kind of modern and luxurious homes I’m talking about.

Alex Dudko is the man in charge for the creation of both houses. He, together with his family, first came to the United States from Ukraine 11 years ago with just three suitcases and the American dream. Today, Alex is one of Seattle’s premiere builders, and the guest of the third episode of Hundred Hustle. Hundred Hustle is a new program I created under my YouTube channel that headlines entrepreneurs. Instead of discussing home selling tips or market updates, I will be engaging with these business people to talk about them and their companies.

About six years ago, Alex established his own company, Unique Design and Construction, and worked hard day and night to build some of the best homes in Seattle. He is living proof that when you love what you do, work becomes play, or in his case, work becomes a hobby.

Now, he’s building luxurious modern home that people instantly fall in love with. I personally have not seen anything like his homes in the Seattle market, and I’ve been in the real estate industry for years. They are simply the best! Alex’s inspiration comes from his experiences in Ukraine and Europe, and deciding to bring those styles back with him to the United States. Much like his taste in design, the expensive materials used in his homes come from other countries like Germany and Canada.


Alex has gained valuable connections within the trade due to him being a member of the Master Builders Association since 2010. He has had excellent connections with different selling companies, and has met several people who tremendously help in disseminating information about him, his company, and the services provided.

When I inquired if he ever catered to smaller and simpler houses, Alex was quite specific to only constructing luxurious expensive homes with each one taking at least 12 months to complete. He also happily talked about having the best designer he could ask for – his wife, Inna Dudko, who is solely responsible for making every home truly unique and one of a kind.

As an affiliate of the Master Builders Association, Alex had the privilege to meet with President Donald Trump. He heartily described him as a good person, and someone who shared his passion for construction and building. He laughed it off when I jokingly suggested a career change since he had so many things in common with the President.

I was also able to meet the company’s Vice President for Public Relations, Anna Ross, who expressed her admiration for Alex’s dedication in setting up an empire from scratch. In addition to this, she excitedly showed off the many prestigious awards they have received and the countless publications they’ve been a part of.

It’s time again for Blunt Blitz! This is the signature segment of Hundred Hustle wherein I ask several candid questions that need to be answered as quickly as possible. Alex readily responded to every query during this Q&A session.

“Go, Hawks!”, “Of course, fancy hotel.”, “Working hard!” – these are just some of the replies I gathered from Alex. Are you interested to know the questions to these answers? Then, please watch the full video here.


Alex Dudko is a genuine hustler by nature! It was an absolute honor to meet him, and learn about his business. Moreover, I had the opportunity to tour one of his breathtaking homes located somewhere in Seward Park, Seattle, and it was undoubtedly an amazing experience. I can hardly wait to see more of his incredible projects in the near future.


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